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Monday, January 24, 2011

Belated Christmas Presents from the Cockcrofts

Shared and family, Ouma and family (plus Layne) and Oupa and family sent some Christmas presents up for Cyndi. Ben's brother went down to Moses Lake for Christmas and brought the gifts back with him, that is why we only got them a few weeks after Christmas. Sorry Shared we don't have specific pictures of Cyndi playing with the baby stuff that you sent, but she does carry the bag with some toys in around the house with her. She loves baby stuff.

Ouma and family got Cyndi a cupcake play dough set. She loved playing with the dough and mixing the colours.

Oupa and family got her Crayola Colour Wonder Sound Studio. Cyndi loves to play with it and make the board make noises. It also has mess free markers, that only work on the paper that comes with it. So no marks on wall, floors, clothing or anything in between.

Thanks family for the great gifts. Cyndi loves to play with them. She is still learning that she can't use the play dough on the carpet or leave the markers without their lids on.