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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meet Moses

Today we were running late for Church. On our way down we meet Moses. He was sitting in the middle of the stairs at the bottom, all by himself. I felt so bad for him, I had to help the little guy. I took him over to the pond to find his mother. There was one mother duck with her little ducklings swimming around. There was also the mean goose - he attacks other geese, ducks and little kids. So I walked around to the closet spot I could get to mother duck and gently put little Moses into the water. He swam as fast as his little feet could take him right to mother duck. At first she made sure all her little ducklings were behind her while she investigated little Moses, then she gave the OK and all the little ducklings came to say hi. It was so cute to watch. Little Moses swims slower than the rest of the ducklings so mother duck kept swimming back to encourage Moses to keep up.

Isn't he so cute!

After church I went back to check on everyone. I never found a little duckling alone some random spot and everyone seemed to be happy, so I am hoping that little Moses is still with mother duck.