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Thursday, April 28, 2011

MY Mr Perfect

I married Mr Wonderful! Ben has been amazing from day one. Always knowing when to let me cry or when to cheer me up. He is always thinking of little things to do for me that would put a smile on my face. He is fabulous, and MY Mr Perfect!

MY Mr Perfect with MY Perfect little Angle

My 60 year old sewing machine has been acting up lately. Ben knows how much, and how long, I have been wanting a nice new one, but we have never had the money to replace it. And since it can sew a straight line, even though it skips a stitch here and there, the machine I have is still a good one. Well, a few weeks ago my machine started acting up. It would not pick up the bobbin thread and when it did, it would not sew. My Granny is in town and she took a look at it for me. Well it picked up the bobbin thread without a problem, but would not sew. So she got some oil and gave it a good oil. It worked like a dream for about 5 minutes after that. Then it was back to its old tricks. From her experience, she tells me that the motor is about to go. So Option A is to take it to a mechanic and go from there. Or Option B is to replace it.

Easter weekend we are at Walmart and Ben finds something that is just too good to pass by. He calls me over to take a look at it. On the CLEARANCE pile there was fancy sewing machine. It was about 65% off the original price. It was a true bargain. We ask the Walmart associate what is wrong with the machine that it is priced so low. She says nothing. It was just shipping to the wrong store and they don't carry that model so they can't sell it at full price because they don't have a demo model. I really wanted to get it, but money being tight, logic kicked in and I said to just leave it. Then my Mr Wonderful lets me in on a plan that he had been devising from a few months. He had been saving a little bit of money here and there, so when our anniversary comes around next month, he can give me the money and tell me that it is for a new sewing machine. I think of it as my early anniversary present, but Ben is now thinking of something else to do for me.

My new toy! Singer Fashion Mate.
And I absolutely love it!

Thank you Honey! You are always so amazing to me!