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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Edible Flower Bouquet

Ben hired someone to make this bouquet for me on our anniversary. That someone happened to be me. He wanted fire and ice roses and dutch irises since those where the flowers we had at our wedding. Well Wilton does not teach us how to make dutch iris flowers and everywhere online only showed the iris cutters and not how to do them. So Ben choose calla lilies instead because you start with a heart and then fold it into the lily. I made the purple so it would resemble our wedding. I think that it came out wonderful. The only problem that we had was I made the cupcakes without eggs and the roses where to heavy for the cupcake so they would fall off. That is why there are two different bouquets. Ben tried to save it after I had completed the bouquet and some had fallen off. *Note to self - next time use eggs.*

Ben's rearrangement of the bouquet

The bouquet that I made