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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting Ready For Baby

This weekend we acquired a few more things needed for Damian. At the beginning I had this long list of things that I wanted to get and slowly as time went on and I looked at the list I decided that we did not need this or we did not need that. And I was able to narrow the list down to about a quarter of what it started with - I am very proud of myself. The final 'big' items were a crib set and a rocker. I loved the rockers that we had for Cyndi and they worked so well. Last year a friend of mine was having a baby and I donated all the big baby stuff that we had to her. So we have slowly been collecting things again. The nice thing is that after having one kid, we now know the things that we 'need,' the things that we can live without and the things that were a waste of money.

The final 'big' items:


Crib set.
We fell in love with one at Babies 'R' Us. It was an ocean theme with boats and whales and it was just so cute. But when you look at the price - around $160 - it just did not seem like a necessity. So we priced out getting the bumper, crib sheet and a comforter separately and then we 'shopped' around for the cheapest set that we could find and in the end it was cheaper to get this set than anything else.

Pictures of Damian's side of the bedroom to come!