Update Overload

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Friday, May 20, 2011


We have this wonderful family of geese living in the pond. There is Daddy and Mommy goose and then 3 adorable little baby geese. They are so much fun to watch. But today we look outside and there are 2 other geese families in the pond. Our little geese family are not very happy about it. One of the families only has 3 little babies. So it was easy to get them mixed up at the beginning. Soon we were able to tell the two families apart. But the third family, I would not like to be the mom in that one. There is Mommy and Daddy and 15 babies. That is right, 15! How does she keep track of 15 kids? I have a hard time keeping track of my free spirited little Beauty sometimes. Now I can see why our little family of Geese are not very happy. Unlike the ducks, the families don't mix. They all stay in their own little area's and if a baby wonders to close to another family, the parents are very quick to call them back.

Notice the water has risen above the wooden barriers and onto the grass.