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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mini CupCakes

I am trying to sell some goodies to make some extra money to put in savings for when Ben goes to school or when we get that wonderful bill from the doctor and hospital when Damian is born in 2 months. So today I made some mini cupcakes for my mom to take to work with her so that I might be able to get some business. Here's hoping!

I made two different kinds: Triple fudge chocolate and plain vanilla.

Triple fudge chocolate with cream cheese icing sprinkled with milk chocolate

Vanilla with chocolate fudge icing sprinkled with white chocolate

Then for fun, I made a cupcake bouquet. I never had all the fancy fills to make it look extra pretty, but I thought it turned out rather cute. I look forward to trying it again but this time using buttercream icing and making flowers on the cupcakes.

Yes, they taste just as good as they look - even better in my opinion.