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Monday, June 13, 2011

Potty Trained

Back in November I started to potty train Cyndi. She took to it rather quickly and so things went smoothly, except night time. She had a hard time not wetting her bed. So we decided that pull-ups were needed at nights when she slept and during the day she could have her panties. Well the great news is that this last weekend marked the 3 week mark of not sleeping in pull-ups! Little Cyndi has mastered the toilet and is one proud little girl with even prouder parents.

*Note: she still gets a little excited or carried away with some and forgets to potty so we still have little accidents here and there. But for the most part she is a little potty pro!

My camera battery died and Cyndi would not cooperate for any pictures. So this is the best one that I have of her champion look.