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Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy ONE Week Old Birthday

I can't believe that it has been a week already. Oh how time flies. Little Damian has been a little angel. He is mom's little snuggle bum. He figured since Mommy needs to rest and take it easy, he will just snuggle right on up and make sure that she does not move.

This is how Damian's average day goes: eat, poop, eat, poop, eat, poop, sleep, and repeat this process every couple of hours. I laugh and say that in the 24 hour period he has collectively opened his eyes for a total of about 1 hour. The big event of the week was Ben's first diaper spray. While he was changing Damian's diaper, little Damian decided that he wanted to pee. It was funny. I thankfully was a safe distance away, but I really think that Damian aimed for me. Then something that I am learning about his little personality is that he has no patience. When Cyndi was a newborn she would cry once to tell us she was hungry. Then wait patiently until I was ready to feed her. Damian will just cry until he works his way up into the cry/scream of the injustice. But what he lacks in patience, he makes up in tolerance. He will just sit there while Cyndi 'loves' on him. Cyndi is still learning to be gentle and little Damian will just sit and wait until she is done.

Here are s few pictures that we have taken over the last few days - pics in no order.

Daddy decided that there is no better time to start tummy-time than from the very beginning. This was his first tummy-time and guess what... He slept through it. Cyndi hated tummy-time and would scream blue murder the whole time. Not this little guy, he looked around a little, then put his head down and closed his eyes.

I love how little Damian is in this picture. He just fits under Ben's arm perfectly.

This is a common position that Damian was in when he was still in my tummy. See those legs and knees - I felt them regularly trying to push their way out of both my sides at the same time. Look how his cute little toes are curled around each other.

This is a common activity.

My cute little mole! Love him to bits already.


Linda said...

Aawwwee - what a sweetie - so good to see how he is growing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Shantra said...

Alena's only a fan of tummy time if it's on mom's tummy. Then she lifts her head up and looks around and then snuggles a little closer...lol. Otherwise when I put her down by herself she's good for a few seconds and then she starts to cry... oh well. :D Glad to hear Damien's doing well.