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Monday, August 15, 2011

Blessing Day Outfits

I made Cyndi a cute new dress and Damians blessing outfit for the blessing. I wanted Cyndi to feel special as well. I forgot to take some super cute pictures of the kids in their outfits, but here are their outfits. You can probably see more detail in them like this anyway.

Princess Cyndi got a nice royal purple bubble dress. There is tulle inside to give it some more poof.

Prince Damian got a nice shiny 3 piece white outfit. The pattern was about 12 million time to big - even though it said it was a newborn size. Ben helped me scale it down to a more appropriate size.

Up close on the vest. I 'detailed' it with a light blue thread. It looked really good and unless you were looking very close, you would never really know that it was light blue.

Both my little sweethearts looks like a million bucks that day.