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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tin Foil Potatoes

Saturday's are the only real evenings we get to spend together as a family, since Ben works nights. So we usually try to have a braai. Ben has taught Cyndi how to clean, butter, season and wrap potatoes to put on the fire. Tonight I decided to document the process since little Cyndi is so good at it and I think she is feeling a little out of it since Damian gets most of the attention (he is ALWAYS wanting food). So here it goes:

Step 1:
First you wash the potatoes.
Cyndi pointing out the black spots of dirt that needed to be cleaned.

Step 2:
Dry the potatoes

Step 3:
Get Dad to fork the potatoes

Step 4:
Butter the potatoes

Step 5:
Roll buttered potatoes in garlic

Step 6:
Roll potato in tin foil

Cyndi is a champ at doing this. She gets a little upset after she has buttered the potatoes since she HATES having stuff on her hands like that.