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Friday, September 16, 2011

Faces of Damian and 2 Month Update

Things have been crazy around here. I have started working part-time. My shift was 9pm - 1am, and that just killed me during the day. I could not sleep for more than a couple hours at night because Damian wanted to be fed, so I have been lucky enough to be able to transfer to a different job with better hours and more or less same pay. On Monday I start work at 9am.

Damian has given us all a little scare. A few weeks after we brought him home we found a pink diaper - no the diaper was not pink. It was as though his urine had turned pink. We never thought much of it. One random diaper, no biggy. Then last week we got another one. This time it was very pink. So we called the doctor and we went in for a check up. After ruling a few things out, she decided to send him to Primary Children's for a urine test. Today when we went in for his 2 month well child check up, the doctor said that she could not find anything wrong with his urine. Everything was completely normal. So we are not sure what that is all about. But now we get to play the waiting game and see if anything else happens. He also got a round of med's for some re-flux problems that he has been having. So I am hoping that will decrease his spit up, gagging, choking and not breathing moments. He now weighs 10.5 lbs (25th percentile), his height is 23.5 in (75th percentile) and his head is 15.35 in (25th percentile). So tall and skinny!

Damian always pull some of the cutest, strangest, most random faces that I have seen. I love it! Here are a few that I was able to catch on camera.

"Its rough being this little"

"I know a secret!"

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Linda said...

Such a funny little guy for faces - we love seeing these. So glad the tests were OK. What a worry for you though. Ben was raised with faith and prayers - and emergency room visits. We didn't know at first what made him throw up all the time. We had to just do the best we could each day and leave the rest up to Heavenly Father.