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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Granny's Birthday

Granny's birthday is Dec 6, but we celebrated it last Sunday since everyone is going to the Christmas devotional by the First Presidency tonight and Rory's kids were in town last week for Thanksgiving. I made Granny a french vanilla cake with a white chocolate mousse filling. Ben made the clutch out of rice crispy treats. I molded the shoe out of gum paste a few weeks ago, and then Ben went over it to make it smooth and perfect. If you missed it, the cake is a hat box. I sugar dipped the rims of the glasses and Ben and I re did the label on the sparkling cider.

Close up

The label

Blowing out candles

Everyone expect Rory - he was taking the picture. I love this one because Dique is after Granny's hair. Notice Layne is trying to claim the bottle.

Bottoms up!

We love you Granny! We sure are going to miss you next year after you go back to SA.