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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Allergy Number 2

If you remember a couple of months ago I posted an entry letting everyone know that my little bundle of joy has an egg allergy. Well we can now add chicken to the list. The month of February has been a very rough month for little Cynthia. On the first she work up coughing up a storm and we soon found out that she had RSV. After two weeks she starts acting like her normal self again, but still has a cough. Another week goes by and the cough clears up, only to wake up a few days later with a cough, again, and a super runny nose. A week later, she still has a runny nose - it has running so badly that every know and again it bleeds, and a cough. Lets now mention that her sleeping pattern has also changed. She wakes up 2 -4 times a night and only wants Ben to get her. Ben is not enjoying that part. He wants his sleep. If I go in and see her, it makes to 10 times as mad as she was to start with.

So for the whole month she has been fighting off some bad bugs. To make things worse, I felt that she was ready to have meat in her diet. So Wednesday night we fed her chicken and sweet potatoes. Thursday lunch time she brought part of her lunch back up, Friday morning she brought her breakfast back up, and let me tell you, she loves her breakfast so it means something if she brings it back up. She has had a bad fever, on and off, of about 101.8 F. Then to put the cherry on the cake, after her nap this evening, she woke up with a rash covering most of her face, her back, butt, chest, well everywhere except her arms and legs. Poor little Cynthia. This month was a tough one for her. Lets just hope that March will bring her better luck and health.

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Anna said...

WOW! She's definitly Ben's daughter. You might want to set up a allergy test for her. Just to be safe.