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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Helper

Cynthia loves to help with anything that is happening. I baby sit two little kids three mornings a week. One of the kids is 6 months and the other is 2 years. The 6 month little girl was crying in the room instead of napping, and Cynthia walked over to the door of the room and started crying as well to get my attention and tell me that I needed to go and see what is wrong with the little one. She is such a little sympathetic girl. She wants everyone to be happy. Well Ben was changing the laundry out and Cynthia had to help. She walked over to Ben, pushed her way to the dryer door and started to unload the dryer all by herself. If she keeps this up she is going to make one lucky man very happy! (Never mind making me happy with her helping around the house!)