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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Next Betty Crocker

We made British scones as a family tonight. Just a little fun activity before a long week of not seeing Ben. I put an apron on Cynthia because if you are cooking in the kitchen, you need to wear the correct attire. I had to fold the apron in half and wrap the ties around her twice for it just barley fit. Cynthia had such a blast playing with the dough. She helped put the ingredients into the blow - needless to say we got soy milk all over my foot, Ben's foot and the floor. Then she got to mix the butter into the flour. To make things short, she really got to help at every step of the process. She is the best little assistant anyone could ask for.

Mixing the butter into the flour mixture.

Check the dough stuck to the fork. She was supposed to look at the camera.

She started to add her own ingredients to the scones. We got a pen box and a bean soup recipe. Gotta have a soup recipe in the scones!

Got a little side tracked while helping Ben knead the dough. She tried to add her own spices from the spice cupboard to the dough.

While Ben kneads the dough, Cynthia makes her own little mixture with things that she can reach on the counter top. We had the soup recipe, a Mountain Dew bottle, a potato scrubber and a few other things. She later grabbed my pink dish washing gloves.

Here Cynthia is helping mix the dough.