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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moo Cow Moo

Like most little kids, Cynthia loves to put things in her mouth and chew on them. We find little teeth marks in everything that she has been around. A few weeks ago I noticed that there were little teeth marks on all four sides of Cynthia's crib. I thought that it was the funniest thing so I showed it to Ben. Ben told me how cows and horses eat the wood to their fences. Last night when we were putting Cynthia to bed I had a look at her marks on the crib and found that she was now pulling up the grain from the wood. Also there were marks on the top of the crib from her top tooth (soon to be teeth).

This picture shows you the grain that she pulled up. You can also see the little drag marks from her teeth along the crib line.

If you look closely you can tell that there is a white mark on the top of the crib, that is from her top tooth. All the white marks are from her teeth.