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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Now that I have updated you all on what happened in January let me begin with what has been missed in February:

Sunday, 1 February, Cynthia woke up coughing like crazy. She had a runny nose and looked like she felt miserable. Since Ben and I are Sunbeam teachers at church, we decided to stay at home, so no one else got sick. The cough got worse and she was just one up-happy baby. The following Thursday we took her to the doctor to get checked out. The doctor told us that it sounded like she had RSV, she could run a test and be sure, but there was nothing that the doctor could give up to help. So it would really just be a test that never needed to be done. All we could do was keep her comfortable, and feed her as much liquid as she will take. We went back home to try and make the Princess feel better. She was not herself at all. She would not smile or giggle. She just wanted to cuddle all the time, and if you know Cynthia, you know that she does not cuddle at all. On one of her up moments, she played a little with her toys. She climbed into her toy basket and pulled the toys out on by one from underneath her. She did get stuck in the basket when she tried to come out. And that was the end of her happy moment.

As of today, she still has a cough and little runny nose. She is feeling much better. She plays and giggles. She is back to wonderful self. The Doctor told us that it would last about 5 -7 days, but the cough could take anywhere up to 3 weeks to go away. Well it took 10 days for my little bundle of joy to come back to her normal self.

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Anna said...

She's growing up so fast!! Well, I'm sure Ben has told you, but we're all back in Vegas. I've tried calling you, but either my phone is still being stupid or I have the wrong number. So, Jake and I are trying to buy a condo down here and once we're done with that I want to come up for a visit. I'm going to try again this weekend to get a hold of you, but I guess I can't promise anything.