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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Picture Update!

Here are some cute pictures from January that were not posted. This little one is a different character every day!

Cynthia loves her crackers. Here she is with a whole graham cracker. She would not let us break it up for her. If I remember correctly, she ate the whole thing.

Daddy holding Baby holding Bear. Such love!

I put Ben's thermals on Baby Girl. She walked around like she was a little ghost. She kept standing on the arms.

Here she is trying to figure it all out.

I made this dress for her at Christmas time. I never took any nice pictures it. Ben found out and made me take some on her birthday. She wore this dress to the Temple.

Cynthia wanted to go to bed with her new teddy when she was taking a nap on her birthday. Here she is wrapped up with it. She thought it was the funniest thing ever. For the next couple of wraps she would grab a teddy and hold it to get wrapped up.

Cynthia had to test the balloons before we set up for the party. She needed to make sure they were all good for her friends.

The night before Cynthia's birthday we had some Indian friends over for the South African Bunny Chow. They helped also helped blow up balloons and knead the fondant for Cynthia's birthday cake. It was a fun and very interesting night! Good times!

When Cynthia gets her diaper changed she holds her feet at her face. One night she held her feet while Ben was trying to wrap her up for bed. So Ben wrapped her feet by her ears for her. That was it, Cynthia cracked up. She then started to lift her legs and with her arms grab the blankets and try and wrap herself. Such Independence!

Here is another teddy that she wanted to be wrapped up with. Such love for her little teddies. Every one gets turn.

Little Cynthia is always trying to steal my glasses, so this time I put the on her. She loved it and thought that she was special. We had to keep her hands away from them or they would have been eaten.

Here is a still of her eating the Bears face. Her hands and face turned grey!

Here she is going after its tail. How did she know that there was a tail? Such clever-ness!

When I was a kid, the best thing about baking was being able to lick the beaters. I remember sitting out my back door, eating one beater and holding the other one for my puppy to eat. Star loved to lick the beaters with me. I decided to teach Cynthia how to enjoy eating the beaters, since she is my cooking assistant.

One night I was doing the washing. I put the glasses in the sink and picked them up one by one to wash them. I pick this one up and only got half of it. I then pick the other half up. It was a 'clean' break. No little chips, just two pieces. We are still not sure how that happened, since it got up in the water and then picked right back up. Ben thought that it was the coolest break and had to take a picture of it.

Here is my little cooking assistant wearing my apron. She knows that when I put the apron on I am making something very interesting. So she has to have a view from my level. Either I have to hold her or Ben has to hold her right on top of me or she gets mad.

I put Ben's Safeway apron on her as a cape. She walked around the kitchen and then took flight. Look at the face of happiness!