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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Ya Think of My New Look?

Today I got my hair cut. I told Jessica (the lady doing my hair) that I wanted it coloured and cut. I did not want anything extremely crazy. I am easy going because I know that if I don't like the colour, I can re-dye it and if I don't like the cut, it will just grow out. Nothing is forever. She thought about it for a few days and then she had a great idea. I never knew what hit me. This is how she described it to me: not chin short, but not shoulder long - tons of layers, red/purple with copper highlights. Sounded a little scary especially the red/purple part, but I was up for it. So I gave her the reigns to my hair. Ben documented it all for the blog.

Step One:
Jessica had to cut my hair before she could dye it due to the nature of the cut and the length of my hair. It would have been a waste to dye my foot and half length hair and then cut it off. Here are the long pieces of my hair all over the floor. We were trying to figure out what animal got shaved.

Step Two:
The styling

More of step two

Step two complete.

Step Three:
Blow dry so we could colour

Step Four:
I got copper/carmel foils in my hair and then the red/purple went in. Jessica forgot to get gloves, so she had to use her hands to put the colour in. She now has purple hands.

Step Five:

The Front!
The finished hair product! Honestly when I first looked into the mirror, I was shocked and taken back. I was not sure who this person was in front of me and I was not sure if I liked it. A few moments later, I went back to look at it. With no pressure. I then realized that I loved it. I think that it is fun and cool. I can wear it straight, flipped out or in or I can curl it. If I part my hair in a different way, you don't see any colour at all as well. So I have like 10 different styles all in one hair cut. I think that is really cool.

The Back!

A Side!

What do you think of my new style?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning hair style. Looking like a model mom. You look beautiful

emily ballard said...

The description of it was a bit scary, but it looks great, Casey! You are braver than me. And I guess that's why I have boring hair :(

Amanda said...

I feel like I should say something like, "Rock on!" haha I love it!

Anonymous said...


Anna said...

Supper sexy!! I love it!