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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes... No...!

At lunch today Cynthia learnt to nod her head. She knows and understands the head shake, but has not got the nod down. Until today! I don't think that she fully understands what the nod means. I got her nodding and shaking on video and thought that the nod was so cute. It is still unrefined so it is all over the place. Once she got the nod down, she kept doing it and would hit her head on the spoon of sweet potatoes/peaches and get the food on her forehead and eye lids. When she got the food on the head she would close her eyes so hard that it would look like a bunch of little wrinkles where her eyes should be.

Since Ben has been working, I have been trying to teach Cynthia how to wave hello and goodbye. She has does not understand the hello wave yet, but she has got the goodbye wave down. It was so cute to see her develop her wave. Now she has got her wave down, there is no changing it yet. She stretches her arm as high in the air as it will go and just moves her hand up and down. Kind of like how the apes in the zoo wave. I call it her monkey wave. I tried to get it on camera, but she would not do it for me. Maybe next time. She did do a little wave, so you can see it.