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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cabin Fever

I never thought that Cynthia was old enough to get cabin fever, but today she has been acting very strange. She would walk up to the heater (turned off) and hug it, then she would begin to cry. Not sure why, but she would hold the heater and cry. She is not one for randomly crying, she always has a good reason to cry. I have been waiting for some good weather so we can go outside and play. But I figured that I had to do something to help her out. This evening the weather was a little warmer than it was this morning, so when Ben got home we took her for a walk around the block. All she wanted to do was hold the pram. She would not sit in it and she would not hold Ben's hand. Most of our walk she was holding the pram. The other half Ben was carrying her because it was starting to rain and we wanted to get home quickly.

Look at that smile! Is that not one of the happiest smiles you have ever seen?