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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Every evening Ben and I play with Cynthia in her room. Giving her family time so she knows that even though Ben works 80 hours every week, he still loves her and wants to spend time with her. Last night I took some pictures of play time.

This is her bending over backwards. She then proceeded to flip her legs over her head. Something that she has not done before. She is a dare devil.

This is her side head. Or should I say side body. She was telling us to let her out, that she was not ready for bed.

Side head/body on the floor. Where does she get this stuff from?

She is leaning up on the door, wanting to be let free.

This is my favourite because of the story behind it. She crawled from side head/body on the floor over to me. Face down and everything. Ben and I were a little confused by this, it has never been done before. Then it dawn on me where she might have picked it up - her cousin Ethan! Yesterday Cynthia was sitting on my lap at the computer. We were looking at all the updates on the blogs. We were watching all the cute video's on Britney's blog and Ethan and Shared were sniffing the ground - kind of copying a scene from Lady and the Tramp. That is the only place that I could think that she would have gotten that idea from. I think that it is cute, Cynthia copying Ethan.

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Britney said...

That is too cute!