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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Raod Trip

Yesterday we decided to take a drive out west to see what it was like. In the near future we are hoping to build a nice house that we can grow into. The only place to build what we want in on the very outskirts of town. There were some nice areas. While driving we found the next Temple that is being built out in Daybreak. Cynthia started to get restless in the car so we had to stop and let her run around. We found a petrol station and popped in. Cynthia went straight for the candy isle. She picked up a bag of Skittles and gave it to Ben, then she turned around and picked up two dark chocolate bars with almonds and gave them to me. She already knows what Dad gets and what the girls get. We ended up getting a drink and some M&M's for the girls.

The new Temple

Cynthia felt the need to eat a M&M bit by bit instead of putting the whole thing in her mouth. She got chocolate all over her mouth, the car seat, her hands and everything they touch. Then promptly fell asleep.

Look at that precious!

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Kimber said...

This one looks like how I remember Ben.