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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baking a Cake

I decided to make a little cake this week. Being the perfect helper that she is, Cynthia wanted to make a cake as well. So I gave her a little bowl and spoon. She was happy with that until she saw me putting stuff in my bowl. Then she wanted stuff in her bowl as well. So when I put something in my bowl, I put something in her bowl as well. She had such a fun time mixing it all together. She never messed on the floor or anywhere else. Such a prefect little helper! Here comes the next Betty Crocker!

Sadly there are no pictures on the cake because my fridge in on the fritz. My fridge is about a degree or two below room temperature and the freezer is over freezing. The repair man is due in the next few hours. With the fridge problem, the pudding that I put in the middle of the cake has gone off so the cake is on its way to the trash.