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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stake Fair Day!

Every year our stake has a fair/BBQ. We never went last year since it was right at he same time that we moved into the ward. We thought that it would be fun for Cynthia this year so we went to see what it is all about.

We first had a BBQ dinner, then we went for a candy floss dessert. Cynthia was not impressed with it at all. She would not eat it or even touch it. She loves sweet things so we thought that that is was a little strange. Then we found out that some of our friends kids never liked it either. Maybe it is something that we grow to love.

Ben and Cynthia with the candy floss. Cynthia is pulling a funny face.

I took her to get her face painted. She got a little heart on her cheek. She looked so cute!

Ben then took Cynthia down the very big blow up slide. She loved it. I took her down once and Ben took her down twice. All times she laughed and giggled and had a huge smile on her face!

I took her fishing. She had a great time flinging the fishing pole around and splashing other kids. Patience is not something that she has yet.

She also got to through bean bags into some hoops. She missed every one, well she never got close to anything besides her feet. So she got to pick one up and take it over to the guy who was looking after the booth. Then she got a sweet.

At home after the fun day out. We all had a good time! Maybe next time she will enjoy the candy floss!