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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chef Cynthia

Cynthia absolutely loves to help me cook. She knows what time I start cooking and gets very upset if I don't start then or if she can't help. I swear that by the age of 3 she will be able to cook you a great dinner! She has learnt that things of the stove are hot and does not try to touch them - though I still keep a very close eye on her when she is helping me.

Cynthia sauteing onions and green peppers for lasagna

I put her in Ben's old Safeway apron so she does not get her clothes dirty. I wanted a picture of her in the apron so I pulled her away from the stove - she was not happy, as you can tell by her face.


Andrea said...

Awww, that's cute. My little guy just learned about hot stoves the other day...the hard way.

The Pali's said...

That is so cute. Connor loves to help make dinner too. I love this age!