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Friday, August 21, 2009

Lagoon Day!

Every year Waterproofing West pays for all of its employees to go to Lagoon. Free entrance, free parking and free dinner. Yesterday was this annual adventure. Ben and I have never been there so it as a little adventure for us. There were lots of kids rides that Cynthia is big enough to go on, but sadly every time we tried to put her on a ride and leave her, she would cry. So we stuck with the rides that mom, dad and baby can go on.

Cynthia (and Ben's shoulder) on the carousel

Cynthia and Ben on the Wild Kingdom Train

One of Cynthia's facial expressions

Another common facial expression

Me and Cynthia on a kiddie coaster. She was not sure that she liked to very much and the whole time made a 'aaa' sound the whole time that was more nervous than anything else.

When I went to Disney World I had a picture/video taken of me trying to drink out of the water fountain. Here at Lagoon, they have water fountains for kids Cynthia's size. I had to take a picture to remember the Disney World trip!

Thank you Dad for a fun day! I love you lots and lots.
Now I will sleep the whole way home!