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Friday, August 28, 2009

A Day In The Kitchen

I have a cooking monster - I joke not! Every afternoon (sometimes lunch time as well) Cynthia goes to the kitchen, pulls out her apron tries to put in on, once she has succeeded (her own way never really stays on long) she heads over to get her step stool. If she can't get that, she is very happy to move the computer chair over to the counter and us that.

Yesterday afternoon she was helping me make potato soup. She got a little bored while I cut things up, so she went over to the choc chip cookies. She took one out, licked it, bit it and put it on the counter. Then she took the next one out and proceeded to do the same. She did this with the three cookies that were left. There was just a small piece of a fourth cookie and then pooped that one into her mouth. It was big enough to fill her little mouth. Then she picked the remaining three up and wanted to bring them to stove - either to put in the soup or to have them help cook. I had to take them away and wash her hands. Because any way you look at it - choc chip cookies in potato soup does not sound tasty.

Cynthia with her three choc chip cookies. Notice that her mouth is a little funny!

I use veggie broth in the soup - its the vegan way so Ben and eat it. Cynthia had the best time ever playing with the empty carton. She kept opening and closing the lid, then she would try and drink it. It was so cute.

Here is the next poster child for Swanson broth:

Would you not just want to buy it? I think that it is so cute.