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Friday, August 28, 2009

Driving, Sprinkler and So Much Fun!

Last night a friend called us up and invited us to go play in the sprinklers with them. There is a slide/jungle gym in their back yard that is fitted with sprinkler heads. It is super cool and such a clever idea. It makes everything wet and the slide becomes a wet slippery slide. As long as Mom was at the top to help Cynthia go down and Dad was at the bottom to catch the flying princess, Cynthia had the best time in the world. She loved it. Her face just lit up ever time she went down. It only lasted a short time, then the Barbie car and water sprayer become so much cooler.

Cynthia loved the Barbie car. She kept climbing into it. Later Ben showed the little 'gas' pedal and she was off. She still needs to learn how to steer though.

After learning where the go button was, she was off! Later on she started to wave as she went. Still no luck with the steering!

She loved to fun across the trampoline. Sometime she would stop and bounce a bit then she would be off again.

Running around the with water sprayer.

Trying to figure out the sprinkler. No matter where she stood the water always seemed to get her. She did try to catch it.

Summer and Cynthia playing int he Barbie car together.

Once the Barbie car lost its interest, she tried to figure out the bike. To bad that she was on it the wrong way!

Thank you Autumn for letting us join you! It was a fun time!

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Autumn said...

Cynthia is so cute! We will have to play again. See you on Sunday.