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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Cake Walk Cakes

At the Trunk and Treat the youth organize games in the hall for the kids. One of the games was a cake walk. For those like me who have no idea what a cake walk is, it is like musical chairs. You walk around from spot to spot. When the music stops, a picture is pulled from a bag. If you spot matches the picture then you win a cake. I figured that I would do my part and make some cakes for the game.

Here is the first cake that I made. It is a spider if you could not tell. I kind of copied a picture of a spider cake I saw online.

So I know that this is just a cake and not a real spider, I also know that it is rather a cute looking spider, but I am still a little scared of it. I am just glad that it was only in my house for about 1 hour.

Cake number two is a little teddy dressed for Halloween. The 'B' with ears stands for 'Super Bear.' He is a super hero. After completing the bear Ben looked at it and was like 'Safety Bear,' followed closely with 'Construction Bear.' So to me he is a little super hear to save me from the spider, he can be whatever you need him to be!

The back of my cute little bear. I was going to give him a little cape, but then I decided that with my little time I had to finish him and the spider, he would have to be a cape-less superhero. But then you remember what they said about superheros with capes in The Incredibles.


Autumn said...

Your cakes always look amazing. Good Job!!

Autumn said...

I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy Happy Birthday dear! Looks like it was an awesome one.