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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trunk and Treat

Last night our ward had their annual Trunk and Treat party. Yesterday it snowed for most of the day so they moved it to inside the church. Cynthia was in the bathroom when we painted Ben's face but she was still a little scared of him for a while. She was also terrified at the church. I don't think she enjoyed the costumes that every one was wearing. We had to 'save' her a few times from some crazy outfits. Poor girl! She was very nervous, but she understood the treat or treat part - maybe more the treat part. She would get a piece of chocolate, then put it in her bag, then she was move on until someone else handed her some chocolate. Once the treating part was over, all she wanted to do was eat her candy. She would sit down in the middle of the walk way, hall or wherever she was and try to open her sweets.

Before we left for the church. Cynthia as a little African.

Cynthia hiding from the world eating her sweets. Can you guess what Ben is? Our Bishop thought he was a mime.

Trying really hard to open the salt water taffy.

I put dots around Cynthia's eyes, if you look carefully you can see the little red dots.

Up close and personal with the Phantom

Ben bought me eye lashes and then we had to find a outfit to go with the eyelashes. So I am a little tiger. See if you can click on the picture and make it bigger. My eyelashes are super cool and I got so many comments about them last night.