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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cake Decorating Class 1 Week 2

Last night I made my first cake for my cake class. The assignment was either to make a character cake or to do a transfer. The transfer in the book was a rainbow that was made out of stars. I know how to make stars, I sometime have trouble making leaves. I decided to practice my weakness rather than my strength. I had a little problem with my leaves at the beginning because they were not forming correctly. I then learnt that sometimes the tip closes, so I had to stick my spatula through it and then it worked perfectly again. I also got a new toy for my cakes yesterday that I wanted to try out. It is a little 5" triangle that makes patterns in the side of you cake. So I tried it out. It is harder than you think it might be. But I still think that it looks kind of cute.

Live Love Laugh Tree

I know that the picture is a little washed out but I wanted you to see the different colours in the leaves. I bought a Burgundy red for my leaves, but it turned a little more purple than I wanted. So I had to add red to it. Sadly I never had enough red to add, so then I stripped my bag with orange. The idea being that when you put the icing into you icing bag and push it out, then the icing will come out stripped. My teacher did not think that it would work since the icing was dark already. But I did it anyway. So the outside leaves, the first leaves I did, were the Burgundy colour I started with, then slowly I got stripped leaves, but they were red stripped. And by the time I was done, I had a nice red leaves for Fall.

The side of the cake. The lines are come from my new triangle toy. And the spiral stars are from my new tip that I got a few weeks ago and have not used.

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S & R said...

Looks fun! I love cake decorating! The cake looks great...GO CASEY!