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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Killer Geese

Over the weekend Cynthia and I took Ben to go and feed the birds. The last time that Cynthia and I went she had such a fun time throwing the bread for the ducks. Ben was at work, so that is why we took him over the weekend. There was only one problem, there were more geese there this time. They were not afraid of humans either. We could not get a good picture of us feeding the birds, but Ben was fighting the geese off. Cynthia got her finger bitten once, an attempt bit on the finger once, attacks on her shoulders and elbows (thank heavens for her thick jacket), the bread bag got attacked once and on tried to bit me. It was rough. There was this one cute little duck that hid from the geese behind us, so I would give him his own bread to eat. Cynthia was more shocked that the goose bit her than anything. It never broke the skin, just left mud on her hand but she did get a little scared every now and again since the geese are the size of her.

Me, Cynthia and the geese

Part of me, the geese and my cute little duck

Me and the cute little duck again

Here is a video that Ben took of the geese. Part of the video, the sun on the water makes a glare in the camera, but you can still see the point. Check out how many there are. And that does not even show you half of them.

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Autumn said...

Poor Cynthia! I am still scared of geese for the same reason. Next time you go feed the geese take a baseball bat too! :)