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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ben's Birthday

Ben's birthday was a fun day. In the morning he (and Cynthia) opened his present, which was a red long sleeve shirt (which was to big, so he returned it and got some work socks) and the new TSO CD. He has been listening to his new CD ever since. In the evening we had some friends come over for cake and ice cream. I borrowed a friends ice cream maker and made Ben some coconut blue berry ice cream which was so delicious.

Ben's birthday cake was a coconut red velvet, which he loved!

The three little penguins are Cynthia, Ben and me. Cynthia is the little one playing on the ice. Ben and I are watching her. I am the short fat one. If you notice the white marks on the penguins. You will notice the different between male and female. I had a little to much fun making them and everything on the cake is eatable.

Thanks to everyone that came! You really helped make it a wonderful day.