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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Decor

I enjoy to decorate every now and again. I would love to decorate all the time if there was decorating money in the budget, but that will happen - all in good time. Cynthia decorated the tree this year. I believe that it is better to have a good time with the family than to have a 'perfect' tree. Cynthia had such a blast putting the balls on the tree that I don't have the heart to hang them. Here are some of the Christmas decor that we did this year.

The tree! (I can't seem to turn it - stupid library computer!) Aren't Cynthia decorating skills so cute?

Our living room window. I hung some coloured lights and snow flakes in the window. It looks super cool from the other side. I did not want to go outside in the cold, so this is what you get. There is also red and silver tinsel on the windowsill mixed in with the coloured lights.

Our entertainment center. We got the stocking hanger things at the dollar store. I think that they are so cute. The Train is Ben's, the Snowman is Cynthia's and I get the sleigh of toys. There are also coloured lights in and around the tinsel on top. Part of them flash.

My first Christmas while dating Ben, his parents gave me a snowman for a present. The purple and white one on the right. The Christmas before Cynthia was born Cindy from the LDS BC gave me a snowman, the on with his arms out on the left. This year when getting the snowmen out, we had to go and find a snowman for Cynthia. Since the one looks like 'Mommy' and the other 'Daddy.' At the dollar store we found the cute one in the back for Cynthia. It has flowers on the bottom of it.

An up close picture of the way Cynthia decorated the tree - in ball clusters!

Cynthia decorating the tree - and what fun did she have!