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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Photo

The week before my residency interview, we took some family photos. Cynthia was on her best behaviour. She just sat and posed for all the pictures, and because she sat so still and was so well behaved, we only had to take like 4 pictures before we got this one.

Ames Family 2010

Cynthia posing on Ben. It was just so cute. All she wanted was to get her picture taken.

Before we were all dressed and ready, Cynthia helped me get the camera in the right position and get all the lighting correct. This was just a random picture that I took of her, but once we zoomed up onto it... well WOW is all I can say. Her face looks so airbrushed. Cynthia truly has perfect skin and features. I really am going to worry when she is old enough to date.

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linda said...

love the pictures! L Mm