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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guess Who Is Two?

Today was Cynthia’s birthday! It was a good day – for her. For me, it was a crazy day trying to get her cake ready, her dress completed, every fed (I failed a bit on that one), the house looking good for guests. In the end it turned out alright – except for last minute cancellations – if you RSVP and say you are coming, then come, people have planned for you to be there.

Cynthia with her cake. We found some super cute candles at the store, the funny this is that it says '2' and has three wicks. The stand that the cake is on was a Christmas present from Ben.

A big thanks goes to all family that called, sent emails or gifts. It all helped to make the day a little more special in the end.

The Cockcrofts – Little People Fairy Tree house
Oupa – bowling set
Cindy and George – a cute dress, window stickers and a cash register
Sudhir and Bindu – a See ‘n Say and a ‘I love hugs’ shirt
Ben and I – a cute little dress, colour-in book, puzzles and board books

Cynthia birthday dress. Out of all the dresses that I have made Cynthia, this one is Ben's favourite. On the left side of the dress the white area are two roses that I made out of left over white material.

George, Cynthia and Cindy

Playing with her cash register (gift from George and Cindy). It has a play microphone on it and Cynthia gets so close to talk into it that it goes in her month. It is funny to watch her play.

Playing the little people (present from the Cockcrofts)

Cynthia had so much fun. She would open a present, play with it for a few minutes, then go and open the next present. That way she got to play with everything. So loved her new toys and kept mixing and matching them.

Blowing out her candles. Ben has been training Cynthia for the past couple of months to blow out candles. Today all his hard work paid off.

Cutting the cake - don't worry she was extremely closely supervised!

Another Christmas present from Layne - a checkerboard cake pan. Red velvet and white.