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Monday, January 25, 2010

Playing with Carson

Cynthia loves babies. It does not matter how big they are or how old they are (even if they are older than her), every time she see a kid in the arms of mom or dad she starts saying "Babee" over and over again. If we do not acknowledge her, it gets louder and louder as well. Well Monday's and Fridays I watch our neighbours kid, Carson. I have not watched him for the past few weeks because of the whole ectopic pregnancy thing. But we started again this week. Cynthia was in her element all day long! After Ben got home I took some pictures of them together.

Cynthia and Carson having tummy time together. Cynthia would kind of copy Carson. If he was on his back, so was Cynthia. If he was on his tummy, she was on hers. Cynthia is waving at me, that is why her hand is in front of her face.

Tummy time part two. Just like most kids, Carson did not like being on his tummy, so this was short lived.

Tickles or something.

Hugs! Cynthia loves to give Carson hugs and kisses.