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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cynthia's Birthday Party Round 2

I decided to hold off having Cynthia kiddie birthday party until my mom got here so she could enjoy it with us. This weekend we had all Cynthia's little friends over for Marie biscuit icing. So much fun!

Everyone around the table

Layne brought a girl for all of us to meet
Marius, Mom, Layne and Sarah

A different view of everyone around the table

Opening presents

The Carvers - Swing 'n Score baseball
The Smiths - paper to colour on, crayons, sun glasses and a bag
Hannah - two wooden puzzles
Gavin - three super cute books
Ouma and Marius - the super cute outfit that she is wearing

The Miners - Gavin's parents

Blowing out her candles - the best part of the day for her!

Thanks to everyone for coming and making this day so special for Cynthia!