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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wendover Baby!

Every year Ben's work pays for everyone to go to Wendover for a night, it is usually for their Christmas party, but at Christmas time some of the job sites that they were working on would not allow them to take time off. So they postponed the trip to the 4th and 5th of February. They paid for a suite, dinner, gambling money (or cash in your pocket in our case) and a paid day off work the next day. It was rather a fun night away.

The hotel/casino that we stayed at

Our room. The bed was so comfy I wanted to take it home with me. There were mirrors all around the one side of the room with funny lights around the top and crazy wall paper. I wanted to know who decorated the place and if they were drunk when they did it.

The jacuzzi tub in the room

There were mirrors and funky lights around the sides and top of the jacuzzi

Wendoever is built half in Utah and half in Nevada. Rather interesting. Half way down the main road there is a solid white line telling you where Utah and Nevada are.