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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Part 2

Sunday was a crazy day. It was Easter as well as Layne's birthday. She had a very busy day. Cyndi woke up to find an Easter basket on the balcony. She had to have breakfast before she could get what was outside. After breakfast I put out the funny prints leading to the balcony.

The Easter Picnic outside. In her pink basket was an elephant with jelly beans and a hollow bunny. And yes that is snow on the ground.

Bunny prints leading to the balcony.

Cyndi felt the need to pick them all up.

Exploring the basket outside.

After getting what was outside and bring each bunny inside - one at a time - Cyndi handed out hollow bunnies to all that was there and jelly beans to Ben.

The hollow bunny she got.

Once everyone had there bunny we listen to conference while I made boeuf bourguignon. After conference and while the bourguignon was still cooking we had Layne's birthday cake and an Easter egg hunt with Cyndi. She was so cute. She would pick up an egg empty it into her bag and then put the egg back. I feel sorry for the kids who go Easter egg hunting with her in the future.

Finding the Easter eggs that were all over the house when she work up from her nap.

After the Easter egg hunt we put Cyndi down for a nap and had lunch/dinner and listen to the final session of conference. After conference all visitors left. It was crazy!