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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Part 1

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Hollywood Connection the Saturday before Easter Sunday. It was an interesting experience. One that we probably will not be going to again. There were clowns and magicians making balloon creatures. We got a flower from the clown and a butterfly from the magician. The magician was the best. The clowns did simply little things, the magician went above and beyond. He made dragons, dinosaurs, dragon-flies, fishes, hats, guns, crowns, lady bugs and much much more! The egg hunt was over before we even got there - bad planning on their part. But we got a goodie bag.

Me, Cyndi and the clown - not a happy friendly clown!

Cyndi and Ben. Cyndi is not happy about the people dressed up like the Easter Bunny, a dragon and another creature. She got upset if we got close and would pull funny faces when she saw one of them.

She loved the carousel and did not want to get off. Once it stopped, she held on for dear life while I tried to take her down. Then she kept running back the ride while we were getting out of the area.

At Jane's Grandpa gave Cyndi rides on his back. She loved it!

That was Saturday in a nut shell!