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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Just two random pictures from the month of March.

The sunset one evening from out balcony.

Ben sat down to take his boots off one day after arriving home from work. Before he could get to his boots Mischief cuddled down. Thats is Ben tired from work, not annoyed at the kitty.

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Anna said...

HAHAHA!! I love it!! Honestly, before I read the commentary, I thought that ben had fallen asleep in the doorway with the cat...too funny!
So how are you all doing? I miss you guys soo much! Seriuously I want to move back to SLC just so we can all hang out again!! Just so you know, I'm definitely going to be there the first weekend of June, for my brother's baby blessing. So, if nothing else, you and I HAVE TO get together!!!