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Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthday Celabration - Dinner

On Monday, Ben put Cyndi to bed for a nap and then came and whispered in my ear: How about dinner at Claim Jumper tonight? Needless to say I was excited! We drove to Seattle - 3 hours away, had some really amazing food and drove back, all in one night. It was a wonderful little adventure. Claim Jumper has a Food Network Top 5 Decadent Dessert. So I could not leave without getting some. It is called: the Motherload. It is a 6 layer chocolate cake with chocolate chips inside covered in chocolate fudge icing and topped with walnuts - so good. I still have about 4 1/2 layers.

Cyndi got a colouring in book and some crayons to colour with. She loved being out with us!

Cyndi and Daddy

Cyndi and I

My salad: I got a house salad. It had the works in it. Very very tasty!

Ben's salad: Asian pear and glazed pecan - Ben found some cheese in the salad and ended up not finishing it - but he loved what he did have

Cyndi thought that we should hide from the camera - it was just so cute!

My wonderful, loving husband!

Cyndi's food: Mini corn dogs, frozen grapes and oranges

My food - Ben ordered me a filet Mignon, it was very good! I got some garlic-cheese bread, grilled veggies, Parmesan breaded zucchini - best things ever!

Ben's food. Porter house stake, with grilled asparagus (very tasty) and veggies.

Cyndi eating her mini corn dogs

Ben's honey-bran muffin - come on, does that really look like a honey-bran muffin? I don't think so! But it is.

Cyndi stole my onion rings - no complaints here - and took a couple bits out of it. I think that she like them.

Me and my cupcake surprise, I think that it was red velvet, I could note tell, but it tasted great

Blowing out the candle

Picking off the sprinkles on the birthday cupcake

The bag that the Motherload came in. Cyndi wanted a piece of the action as well, so she is hold up her take-home box with her oranges and grapes inside.

The Motherload in the box
Thanks Love for a wonderful night!