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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Building Mommy a Shelf

Since we have no furniture in our place, we have been looking around and pricing things out and such. As much as I would love to run out and buy everything right now, we are trying to look for the best deals. Whether they are at a DI or on sale at Walmart or Ikea or something or just home made. We were able to find a computer desk, book shelf (that now houses our games) and a glider with ottoman for a steal at the DI a few weeks ago. Our apartment is really nice, but it lacks storage space. So we have been looking prices for kitchen shelfs (you know the ones with wheels that you can put in the corner). But they are like $40. This last weekend we went to price out wood to make one. Ben has all the tools and the skills to make me one. We found some cheap particleboard at Home Depot and Home Depot said that they cut the wood for free. So we said why not. This way I get more of a custom shelf than a Walmart generic. I also know that my shelf will last since it was made with love by my fabulous husband. This morning Ben put my shelf together for me. And of course little Miss Madam had to help out, surprisingly she helped out rather well.

Cyndi putting the screws in the holes for Daddy to drill them in

Cyndi got board of the little jobs and wanted a piece of the real action, so under close supervision, Daddy helped her drill in a screw

A little video of Cyndi drilling (with Daddy's help!)

It was cheaper to get a smaller piece of wood (don't know what the right name for it would be) to put on the back in sections than to get one that would cover the whole back. Since it is only for big things, and its for me, I do not mind having the three slats.

Cyndi wanted to be in the picture of the shelf - since she helped and all

My new shelf - right before I started putting things in it to clear space in my kitchen.

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Autumn said...

Looks great! Good job Ben!