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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dentist Part 2

Today was the filling day at the Dentist. Cyndi was happy about everything until the Dentist walked into the room. Then she started to freak out. I am just grateful that the cavities were on her front two teeth and not somewhere else. That would have made things 100 times worse. We ended up only filling the biggest one because Cyndi put up such a big fuss about the whole thing. There was the Dentist, who was doing the filling, the assistant who was holding Cyndi's head still (sadly she had her work cut out for her since Cyndi is super strong), the other assistant who was getting everything ready and handing the Dentist the tools and things he needed, then there was Dad who was holding Cyndi's arms and chest still and Mom put her two sense in and helped out with Cyndi's legs. Even with everyone trying to hold her still, Cyndi was able to wriggle around and make things difficult. So the Dentist decided that one filling was enough - I don't blame him! And she even got a little dose of the happy gas before the Dentist arrived. Once things were done the assistant turns to us and says: She is very strong. Apparently all the other kids don't put up as big a fight as Cyndi did. Our appointment was at noon, but someone came in with an emergency and left us waiting, so the office cancelled out the co-pay for the inconvenience. Lets just say that between the friendly staff and the cheaper bill, I would highly recommend this Dentist office to anyone who is looking for a pediatric dentist.

If you don't believe me that Cyndi put up such a fight take a look at her eyes. I am calling them pressure spots. They are all around both eyes and a little on her forehead. We noticed them right after the Dentist was done with her fillings and she was recovering in Daddy's arms (such a great place to recover in by the way). So the first thought was that it was a reaction to the happy gas they gave her. Then we thought that maybe it was a mixture between the happy gas and the fuss that she made. She was not complaining about it, so we figured it was alright. This evening while at Ouma's house, I did some research on what it might be. I search side effects from happy gas, rashes from food allergies, and much much more. I was not able to find anything about what would cause those red spots. Then I search allergies that cause red spots around the eyes. And found a form of people discussing it. Everyone said that it was from either crying, vomiting (for the drunkards) and hanging up side down for to long. I figured you could through screaming blue murder in there as well. They said it would take anywhere from a couple hours to 3 days to clear up. So I figured if they were not gone in 3 days, then I would panic. But she seems non the wiser about them, so they can't be a problem yet.

I'm sure that you could click on the picture for a close up.