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Monday, April 11, 2011

Next American Idol

Cyndi loves to sing. She will turn anything into a song. Lately she has been picking up on songs, but its only a line or two. Her favourite song is Sugar Sugar by The Archies. She also enjoys Baloo singing the Bear Necessities, the Aristocats singing Everybody Wants To Be a Cat, the Bumble Bee song and Rock-A-By Baby. The other night on the way to bed she was singing Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, but when I tried to get it on video she started with other songs. So here are just two of the best clips that I got of her singing. I love how she tries to harmonize and how she gives herself a round of applause afterwards. She is such a little performer.

Bumble Bee, Bear and Dumbo remix

The last half of Rock-A-By Baby