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Monday, April 11, 2011

First Trip To The Dentist

Today Cyndi went to the dentist for the first time. She was excited at first, but when her name was called and she saw the dental assistant in her scrubs, the fear set in. We had a brief tour of the office and saw some cool things then we went and to meet the dental chair. Cyndi would not let go of Ben so he had to sit in the chair with her. The dental assistant was absolutely fabulous! She was super sweet to little Cyndi. She smiled and chatted with her, she showed her some things and moved on Cyndi's time. The dental assistant was able to get Cyndi to put the X-ray thing in her mouth and hold still long enough to take 3 different X-rays of her mouth. I was very impressed. Very soon Cyndi was following her around the room getting her X-rays, looking at them, picking out a toothbrush and stickers. Cyndi even let the dental assistant poke around in her mouth with the mirror and her fingers - not something that happens very easily. The problem started when the dentist came in. He never had the time to sit and develop the trust with Cyndi, so when he asked her to sit down and open, she freaked out. Though he was still super nice and wonderful. We discovered that she has two cavities on the front of her two front teeth. I knew something was up with her teeth, I just never thought about it being a cavity. So on Wednesday she has her appointment to have her cavities taken care of. The dentist said that it would not be a happy moment, but worth it in the end. He said it would take a whole of 5 minutes to do and would not hurt her one bit. So Ben is going to help hold her and I am going to sit in the waiting room covering my ears for the 5 minutes so I don't hear her screaming.

At home after the trip to the dentist with her toothbrush and some toothpaste that she got. She also got stickers, 3 different toys and some dental floss.

Cyndi showing off her teeth.
On a side note, I made her that little bead necklace this afternoon as well. She asked so nicely for it and got super excited, I could not say no to her (and I had left over beads).


Linda said...

Nice necklace Casey - too bad we never really busted out the beads here - next time you are up be sure to remind me to do that.

Does this mean you have dental insurance now?

patsy said...

I'm still happy that the whole appointment went well. It's normal for kids to feel a bit awkward of their dentist at first, probably because they find them as strangers. Hygienists need to build their patients' trust so the latter won't get scared.