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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine Dress

I have had this material for about a year now and I had plans on making Cyndi a dress. Well I never got round to making the dress and then I found a dress pattern that I liked better than the one I was originally going to make. So plans changed. This week I sat down and made the dress for her. It worked out well after we dealt with some sizing issues. The original dress did not have sleeve - just straps. So I had to alter the dress a little so that we could have some cute sleeves and not some funny ruffles. I thought it turned out fabulous. Cyndi absolutely loves it. I had to make the matching jacket because it was so cute, I had some left over material and I wanted to give it a shot so I knew what to do and what it looks like.

Once the dress and jacket were completed it was on to accessories. Hairclip, necklace, bangle and Cyndi wanted a bag - I ran out of time on that one. But after she got everything else, she completely forgot about a bag. Lets hope she does not remember.

She noticed her nails

I love her face in this one - so cute!

Showing off the skirt of the dress

Top of the dress with her necklace on

Matching necklace

Matching bangle - Notice Cyndi's pink nails. She loves to have her nails painted.